Greece or Grease?

There is obviously nothing more slippery, than a Greek Prime Minister who has lost the plot!

We are seeing 120-billion euro pumped into Greek banks, and make no mistake…this is ultimately your money! So, if the Greeks aren’t happy, why should we be?

Yet, whilst the banks have been kept afloat, the Greek people have been told that they need to accept major Austerity packages. Packages which will keep them bent over, laden with poverty for many years to come.

It doesn’t really matter what happens in Greece for the Greek people – They are going to get royally screwed, one way or another.

Greek 10-year bonds are today trading at 26%, Greek stock markets are on their arse, and unemployment is running at 18% – Can someone please explain to me, why the people in Brussels wants to keep this “lame-duck” country in the Eurozone.

Papandreou has done some good PR today – but for him and his personal political ambition, not for his country!

He used the “shock tactics”, talking about an immediate need for Greece to leave the EU, which forced his opposition to simply crumble and succumb to his power. So now, with a vote of no confidence going to be defeated, Prime Minister Papandreou can expect to stay in his Athens office – until his new one in Brussels is decorated!

We are still not 100% certain about whether a referendum will take place in Greece – although we can expect if there is one, the question will be changed – this remains completely farcical.

What we do know is that the Greek PM, with very possibly the support of senior people around Europe, has behaved like a President in a “Banana Republic”…offer his people one thing, and given them something else.

What happened to yesterdays comments by the Greek Prime Minister, “I want the Greek people to have a say in all important decisions!”

But it doesn’t stop there!

Immediately after the statement from the Greek Prime Minister, Mr Sarkozy, at the opening of the G20 meeting, welcomed the events in Greece, but then went on to discuss various measures being taken to solve “The Crisis” by different countries.

Sarkozy said “Everyone is taking action, but they will be taking different actions, dependent on what suited their countries best”.

I don’t know about everyone else, but surely the problem which is severely damaging the whole of Europe, comes as a result of countries being forced to adopt EU policies, which DO NOT suit their own individual economies!

It doesn’t matter what way you look at it. Political aspirations are killing our economies and the very tenet of our democracy.

Whilst politicians continue to lie to their electorate, the world is being taken over by various “occupy” campaigns, which are attacking a banking industry. An industry which, although not blameless, is taking a lot of flack which should be aimed at the political classes.

Indeed, World leaders should consider themselves extremely lucky that most campaigners do not know who they should be blaming. No yet, anyway!

Sarkozy today, in the same speech at the G20, openly lied when he said that, “Greece is an independent county who he respects and he DIDN’T want to get involved in their internal politics”.

Again, I am sorry but you have Austerity measures being placed on Greece by the Troika, which includes the EU, which in return is very much run by Merkel and Sarkozy.

You don’t have to be Einstein to recognise what is going on! Quite simply, nothing matters more to European politicians than keeping the EU gravy-train moving!

This blind political ambition is costing countries their independence and sending millions of people in Europe, and other parts of the world, towards decades of poverty. Surely for most of us, this is a cost we cannot afford to keep paying.

Indeed, no one knows how much this will all cost.

The European debt crisis is about 4 or 5 trillion Euros. A massive number, which in real terms is totally meaningless. It is meaningless, because we simply don’t have it, and we will not be able to create that amount of profit over the coming years.

However, politicians are working “tirelessly” to come up with a solution to this crisis.

We have been told that they have come up with a very technical solution, which they are going to implement soon. This solution has already been ratified by all countries; yet it is widely accepted that most of the people who have signed us up to support this solution, have no idea of how it works, or what is involved!

They have signed it, because they were told it was good for us. Yes, us!

So once again, we are being signed up to long term financial commitments, by people who do not understand what they are signing!

The whole situation would be hilarious, if it wasn’t so disastrous.

I am starting to despair at the state of our countries and the state of our politics.

It is making me question, whether or not we would be better off with no government at all – rather than what we have today?

I am truly ashamed that most of these politicians are of my own generation, because I always believed that we were brought up with far more common-sense, than that being employed by our governments.

I cannot be accused of being apathetic about politics, economic, or current affairs…But I can completely understand why people have lost interest and don’t really care any more.

What’s the point! You simply cannot take all this shit seriously!


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