Europes leader’s are people too!

All European leaders are under immense pressure at the moment, but main problems they have, and how they deal with them, really vary.

The UK’s David Cameron, had his own “back-bencher’s” voting against him on the issue of giving British people the right to have a referendum on EU membership-something Cameron promised before becoming Prime Minister.

In Foreign circles, he has been told to shut-up by Sarkozy, and is basically disregarded by most other foreign leaders, as he is obviously out of his league as an International Statesman. That being said, currently there is no real alternative in British politics.

Germany’s Merkel is caught between looking after her country and trying to secure her future role in Europe. She has “whipped-out” a check-book, but she wants to spend too much for most Germans and too little for most Europeans – which is not going to appease anyone.

Sarkozy is losing the plot, and it shows. His outburst against Cameron revealed his frustrations, but there is no denying it; as much as this little man wants to be a big man on the international stage, he is definitely no Napoleon.

Papandreou remains, by the tip of his fingernails the Greek Prime Minister, but that could change any minute. Papandreou, a product of Amherst, has followed in his father and Grandfather’s footsteps and has, as a politician, risen to the challenge. He has lied, threatened, twisted and turned: done everything he could to maintain his position. Indeed he has done everything, except run his country in the way it deserved, and its people expected.

Jean-Claude Trichet has finally stepped down, to be replaced by an Italian banker. His period as boss of the ECB will not be looked upon favourably in the history books, but his parting words heavily pointed – and rightly so – to the lack of cohesiveness amongst EU leaders. The sad thing for Trichet is he was probably more intelligent than his position allowed him to be.

His successor, Mario Draghi, immediately reduced interest rates for the Euro, but so far his only claim to fame is a mention from Berlusconi, who honestly said this week: “most Italian bonds and now in the hands of Italians!”

Berlusconi, for a man of his age is doing remarkably well. Indeed, dyed-hair, little blue tablets, and the occasional “Bunga-Bunga” party is keeping him more than happy. And why shouldn’t he be happy, as one of Europe’s richest men, he hasn’t a care in the world – especially as he also doesn’t own any Italian Bonds!

In Spain, Zapatero has been as quiet as his lookalike, “Mr Bean”, during much of this year, and as a result we will have a change in leadership come the 20th November election.

Zapatero won the last election based on a fatal bomb explosion. However, he will definitely be leaving office with much less noise or loss!

Talking of Bombs. Recent Irish elections were heavily overshadowed by the running of ex-IRA terrorist leader, Martin McGuinness. The fact he was allowed to run was, in my opinion, an abomination. However, as in all things Irish there was indeed “poetic justice”, when a poet, Michael Higgins, was elected as the new President.

When it comes to European leaders, there are two that most people don’t know: Van Rompuy and Barroso. These are the guys who run the EU and EU Commission.

Faceless and blameless, these two “all-powerful” EU technocrats have been a prime example of “Teflon-man”.

They have overseen much of the disaster in Europe, yet happily remained hidden behind Sarkozy and Merkel. These are the people who are at the helm of an organisation which has crippled the whole of Europe, but they just laugh-off any criticism and continue on their merry way. Completely, oblivious to the concerns of the 400-million people who are suffering under their leadership.



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