“String-up” the Politicians and support the Bankers.

The EU started the week giving Spanish Banks 40-billion Euro, money which didn’t exist, so they “printed” it, before passing the bill to the European tax-payer!

The Italian’s who have no money, had to assume additional debts to the tune of 20% of this “money”, so by Friday, rating agencies were marking Italy down to 2-pips above junk.

Moreover, because this money was “printed” and because Italy – as a result of their additional debts – was marked down, the Euro has now collapsed to a 2-year low. This effectively makes everyone in the Euro-zone even poorer.

For the life of me, I cannot understand how the people of Europe can continue to support this incompetent EU and it’s screwed up currency. I can only surmise that the vast majority of Europeans are far thicker than the current size of their empty wallets!

If 65-years of not having a war in Europe has brought us to this, i.e. we are so cowardly that we allow a bunch of ignorant, second rate, self indulgent, tax-dodging politicians to pull us around by the nose…then perhaps it is time to take up arms!

I see little reason for people to be scared of telling the EU to go to hell! What will they do – send us to court and make us pay them more money in fines?

The pro-European propaganda may have worked for a long time, but people must start seeing through all the crap continually emanating from Brussels.

Do you really believe we would have had hundreds of wars if we didn’t have the EU?

Do you really think your country, whichever one you live in, would be in a worse economic state, if it wasn’t for the EU and the Euro?

Do you honestly think that your country, if it wasn’t for the EU, would have been able to build such high levels of debt?

And do you really believe that so many people would be unemployed; if European laws did not force us to import goods we are quite capable of manufacturing ourselves?

When it comes to debts, how many billions and billions of Euro’s, of your money, have been wasted by the EU? (You don’t know because they have never published a proper audit of accounts!)

Not only have these people made your democratic rights worthless, but worst still, their laws have made it increasingly impossible for businesses and jobs to develop – and those who are managing to survive (so far) are now being taxed even more – to pay for the incompetent policies of the Brussels elite!

For me, we should take to the streets, remove all politicians, and ask bankers to run our countries – after all, they seem to own them already!

Bankers may be greedy, but they know about business and how to make money, and that is exactly the type of leadership we need!

Bankers have committed many errors, but at the end of the day their institutions, (countries) and their employees (citizens) have done very well.

Bankers do not get involved in wars, unless there is profit in it. Bankers support numerous sports (i.e. the Barclays Premier League) and a host of Cultural Events, and although many choose to ignore it, banks support thousands of charities.

They do not waste millions of euro’s discussing and legislating for the shape of a banana, or defining what cheese we can eat, or the true description of bread. They are too busy looking for ways to make “bread”, through investing in opportunities.

Bankers do actually live in the real world, they work for a living, and know that if they provide a service people need, there will be a profit in it…Better still, they do not care if their clients want to smoke a cigar or not!

Bankers believe in not paying more than necessary – the truth is: so do the rest of us – it is just fashionable to criticise bankers….because they are clever enough to get away with it.

When bankers do deal with foreigners, they speak the same language, or employ someone who does: banks are probably the most multi-cultural institutions which exist.

Probably the most important reason for supporting banker’s, is that they have a major interest in millions of people having money, because if people don’t have money, banks do not have clients… Their focus is always on prosperity.

Everyone at a bank has a value, if you do well you are promoted, if you do poorly you are demoted…but you need to work! Over the past 20-years, the increase in jobs in the financial sector is second only to those employed in IT.

Bankers do not spend millions of Euro’s supporting crazy activist organisations, who really believes in the supporting of  “Pregnant Lesbians fighting for the rights of Cockroaches!”, but obviously, they are not too happy about the spread of guns in our societies.

Examples are many, but overall, it is sheer madness to attack impudent national governments and bankers who are running private businesses, when everything that has gone wrong….and is going wrong….is ultimately the responsibility of those overpaid, under-qualified, dickheads who walk the hallowed halls of Brussels!


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