Just because there are a lot of Pricks in the EU, we can’t allow them to keep screwing us!


This weekend, 100’s of thousands of people marched in Spain and Portugal, protesting against the Austerity that is being imposed on them by the EU puppet known as “Troika”.

Last week, the Germany courts decided that the country could break its constitution and buy bonds…providing there is – “supposedly” – a known limit as to how much it will purchase.

This week, after the German courts announcement helped firm the Euro, Germany is now trying to base more of its business with China in Yuan!…Anyone willing to tell me how this is positive for Europe?

Few weeks back we had “Mrs Kinnock”, the PM of Denmark, looking into using capital saved in Danish Pension funds to sure up Europe’s weaker countries…(not only is this illegal, but who decides how this is done?…Fund Managers of some substandard European technocrat)…The mind boggles, but that won’t stop Danish pensions losing millions in a “foreign imposed” gamble on European Bonds.

It don’t stop there…Not only is Croatia – a country whose balance sheet is completely unknown…even to Croatians. But soon we are going to let the “dynamic” country of Albania join our wonderfully prosperous Union…it makes me shudder!

Of course they want to join. They are eager to take all “the excess cash and wealth that is floating around Europe in abundance”, and build ribbons of new roads, airports, and other useless pieces of infrastructure: infrastructure which, BTW, will be completely worthless when the oil runs out!!!

But, these issues pale into insignificance, when compared to Mario Draghi’s poorly thought through OMT (Outright Monetary Transactions?) program.

Draghi’s program cannot work and it is just another case of “kicking the can down the road”.

It will not work, because this program is overly reliant on countries fulfilling Troika imposed Austerity programs, in return for loans.

The problem lies in the fact that – at best – the countries involved will always do the bare-minimum to fulfil these programs. At worse, future governments (If not the current ones) may not fulfil the demands set by the Troika.

As I see it, Troika can lay down all the rules it likes. However, countries such as Spain and Italy realise that the “pro-Europeans” will ultimately always need to “back-down on their threats”, as not to do so will lead to a break-up of the Union. (If one country is kicked out, or leaves, a domino effect will surely occur).

Politicians have yet to learn that carefully crafted wording may work in politics, but in economics debt and a lack of growth, is debt and a lack of growth – doesn’t matter what you call them!

In Europe, we badly need growth and expansion. And whilst the main focus “seems” to be on the economy…it is not. The EU’s main priority remains firmly focused on the centralisation of power – and this will be its downfall.

Economic growth is not something that those in power can regulate for: you can never be sure where it will come from, or how it will develop. Growth comes from putting ideas into action, and from Henry Ford’s model-T to the iPad, this is how profits and ultimately growth are created.

How can any political body regulate for the innovation and development of such success stories?

Indeed, it is because of the EU’s avarice to create ridiculous numbers of rules and regulations, we are seeing far too much innovation being stifled: all in the name of creating a “homogenised” Europe.

In peripheral Europe, we now have 50% of under 25’s unemployed.

This statistic alone indicates that over the long term, none of these countries will have the “positive thinking”, human resources to create the wealth needed to finance the current debt. Therefore, the EU, due to its inefficiencies, inabilities, and bloated power, is guaranteed to fail – because, “single-handedly”, it has created an economically, unsustainable, continent.

It is evidently obvious, that Europe is losing ground, on a daily basis, to countries such as: China, India and Brazil. And whilst we are seeing our productivity, incomes, and social support structures shrink, the EU is blindly looking to adopt more mouths to feed.

Croatia, Turkey, Albania: This is over 80-million more people, “earmarked” to come and eat off our rapidly emptying plate. As a continent, we may only have crumbs left, but we need all the crumbs we can get!

Moreover, political expansion at a time of collapse is a well known impossibility. (Both Napoleon and Hitler – the previous European dictators – learnt this, when they also tried to expand eastward).

C’mon, we all know that power corrupts and dictators always get it wrong!

The EU promised continent-wide equality: everyone would be eating Caviar and drinking Champagne. Yet the result we are realising is everybody is eating stale-bread and drinking dirty water. The EU is a failure, and it is becoming increasingly obvious that those people to whom it made promises – people over which it has increased its authority – no longer want it!

The policies of the EU have trapped and imprisoned countries and individuals, in a prison of eternal poverty. And Draghi’s program – no matter how it is dressed up – will not change this.

As harsh as it is we need to accept reality. Life is not fair, countries and people are not equal…and very often, politicians – even with all the goodwill in the world – are not always right!

Utopian equality is a dream and must remain so…”Shangrai-la” simply does not, and cannot, exist.

There is a solution to our problems, and although it is not a very palatable one, we need to look at it.

The solution is to find a way to get rid of the EU; remove vast swathes of EU regulation from our lives; and allow business to flourish by removing “job-destroying” levels of taxation.

We need to get our personal and commercial freedoms back if we are to compete on a global-scale. We cannot do this if we are tied up in ridiculous, commercially-restrictive, red-tape.

Socialists and European liberals may claim this is not be “fair”, and there will also be a number of complaints about exploitation, from trade unionists and other non-productive talking-heads.

But the other word for exploitation is “business” – and in an economic recession, we need to do all the business we can!

Too many Europeans rely on support and hand-outs…and whilst there will be those who, unfairly, become casualties (for whom I hope we can find support)… we need to move away from providing multiple layers of support, and move towards providing multiple layers of opportunity!

“Too big to fail” should not apply to bankers…Nor, in a democracy, should it apply to politicians!


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