“China Launches World Currency Backed by Gold – Now the Americans will have to Find a Reason to launch a War Against China!”

This news comes from India, in an article IndiaVision News of August 30, 2012. (in the West try to hide this news to the limit).

It announced the death of both the dollar and the Euro.
The article indicates that China is restructuring its entire reserve of 1kg gold bars to form the basis of a new currency for world trade.
If it materializes, will be the death of the dollar as an international currency trading and the Euro. After all notes have as much value as Monopoly (we accept only good while playing with them).

Already at its last summit in South Africa, the BRICS group (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) and its allies had decided to use a currency other than the dollar for trade between themselves.

Now China plans to take another step (deciding) to withdraw the privilege of the dollar is the currency for international trade.
Everyone will prefer to use a coin valued by gold, a currency (U.S. Dollar / Euro) without real value.
The dollar and the Euro will be worth / circulate only in the United States and the European Union. No one else will want them.
Is this the end of the current monetary system based on credit (debt) for a new equitable system that is ready / prepared to replace him.

This play (the introduction of new currency shielded by gold), has been tried before, but the Americans, realizing that this would mean the end of their “precious currency” in the short term, arranged pretext to attack / destroy that (s) country (ies ) and to serve as an example to others with the same idea, kill the bully – I am referring to Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and Muammar Gaddafi of Libya.

This is the reason the sarcastic title of the article.
The United States will lead to China? Attack China?

Well, now it is not only in China but around a new economic group that is part of China. This economic group now covers well over 50% of the planet.

The ‘bad’ are increasingly isolated and are only a small group of countries (USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain).

China has not done before this move because it holds many billions of dollars and not interested in that dollars lose value.

Unsurprisingly the heavy / massive investment that China has done for the world lately.
So, what China has done is to get rid of dollars, exchange them for real things, tangible and value to businesses, infrastructure, land, minerals, etc..

However, the United States and the European Union, seeking greater profits, even if it meant an increase in unemployment in their countries shifted their industries to China, now also being undercapitalized your system of old industrial and industrially dependent China.

That is, the United States and the European Union are in recession, penniless, in debt, no industry, and politicians, whose policies brought us here, talk about recovery …
Only a politician can have that ‘chutzpah’.

The current monetary system is dead, its vitality is apparent and artificially maintained. It’s just a matter of time until the last death certificate.

I do not know when, how or how long it will take to replace the old to the new system. Possibly a week-end will not be enough and could happen ‘bank holiday’ (1 week?) To the new system being launched / introduced globally.

With this step, China will accelerate the introduction of the new system.

The world is changing … fast!!


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