Tony’s little book on Europe!

The People’s Revolution

In 2008, I wrote about riots across Europe due to “EU manufactured” poverty. This was before the Greek Crisis was known and before the term “Piigs” had been coined.

The basis of the argument was that Europe was ill prepared for an economic downturn, and instead of dragging poor countries up, the Euro would act to as a tool to bring rich countries down.

Since then, I have continually used Social media and other methods to attack the EU and its supporters, because their “Popularist” claims of “fairness” and “sharing”, hid the fact that in economic terms, the EU and the Euro would only serve to spread poverty across the continent.

Forecasting poverty and riots made me extremely unpopular at the time, and rather than say “I told you so”, I feel very disappointed that the things I forecast in an economic/political report, written over 4-years ago, have proved so accurate.

Moreover, as a supporter of the democratic process and a believer that sovereign nations must be allowed to determine their own futures, it sickens me that the EU has been able to use the “poverty and suffering” of Europeans to cement a political power-base which is going to be hard to challenge.

When we look around Europe today, there is not a single country which is not run by Pro-EU politicians. And this means that the people are bombarded from all sides, with extremely biased information, on what is needed to solve the current economic crisis which has spread across Europe – and around the world.

I think it is of major importance that people stop thinking about the “political spin”, and the abusive use of the words “fairness and sharing”, and start to be a lot more realistic about their own needs.

As human beings the most important thing in life, for the vast majority of us, is “family”. This is where we “naturally” apply the most protection and offer the most support.

We have friends, we have neighbours, and we have countrymen, but when it comes down to what is important in our lives, family will always top the list.

The EU on the other hand, is run by people who have no knowledge of your family or its needs and aspirations: indeed you do not even merit as an important statistic, because your vote does not affect who governs Europe. This is decided by the “political elite” in Brussels, who have shown they will ignore your vote, if it doesn’t produce the result THEY want.

You see, “fairness and sharing” have little meaning in Brussels, because these are the things politicians hate.

Politicians do not like to “share” power; they prefer to have total control. And politicians do not understand fairness; the left is always unfair to the wealthy and the right is always unfair for the poor.

In sovereign nations, we have a vote which matters. We have the chance, every few years to change the direction, of our country, and this means that those with political aspirations are forced to do what is right, or be removed from power. This is the way we, the people, apply checks and balances to our governments.

However, in Europe there is little opposition for us to vote for…The choice we are presented with is; a heavily funded, right-wing, pro-European, or a heavily-funded, Left-wing, pro-European… Those who are anti-EU are generally, under-funded, and broadly depicted in the politically supported press as; an entertaining distraction, “small protest groups” who are inward-looking and fail to understand what is “right” for the people of Europe.

But, the people of Europe are not a family. We are a group of different tribes, with different languages and cultures, who: because we live near each other “geographically” share similar interests and can co-operate with each other, if it leads to mutual growth.

We will not co-operate if there is no benefit, no more than we will work for someone if they do not pay us!

The EU will say that this is a selfish attitude, but if money is not important, why are they continuously increasing our taxes and forcing us to undergo austerity?

As we go through this period of austerity, and poverty increases, we need to look inward and compare our private “feelings and fears” with the political aims of those in the EU.

Over recent days, the people of Portugal, Spain and Greece have taken to the streets: Why?

It is obvious: people are worried about feeding and supporting their families. Does worrying about such basic needs make these people selfish?

On the other hand, people in the north of Europe, with some justification, claim that if they have to pay for the debts of the south, it will affect how they are able to look after their own families, and they don’t like it – does that make them selfish?

The answer in both cases is no. How can wanting to protect your family be called selfish? It’s ridiculous and it is unfair.

Pro-Europeans, such as Mr Barroso, has claimed this “American caused”, global economic crisis has damaged the EU. And whilst he pointed fingers at banks, claiming that the spreading of American banks into Europe has damaged European growth. He failed to admit that bringing European countries together, under one “government”, has meant all Europeans are now suffering from the affect on Europe of having the EU.

The problem we have cannot be solved, because the existence of the EU meant that problems in individual countries hit everyone.

Had the EU not existed, had the EU not spent decades lending tax-payer money to countries who could afford the repayments, the debts would not be so high.

Had the EU not existed, some countries in Europe would have escaped the economic problems we now face, and been in a better position to “help” those we call our “neighbours”.

In my opinion, people are not selfish, they will help if they can…But they need to ensure the assistance they give will not cause hardship for their family.

Proof of this has come to light this week in the UK.

Whilst the UK is considered as the most Euro-skeptic of countries, figures this week have shown the UK gives more of its GDP in aid than the pro-European countries of Germany and France.

Moreover, we give this money without asking those we support to become Eurosceptic.

On the other hand, the EU gives aid to charity, but they ensure that those who receive it endorse the pro-EU stance at every opportunity… This is not Charity and support, it is an advertising cost! Indeed it is not unknown for the EU to withhold funding, if the charity is not overtly, pro-European.

Charities, churches, lobby groups, and the media, they are all funded by the EU. And they are all used to promote the EU. But they are only serving to stop people thinking about an alternative.

The alternative is for each country to remove its EU shackles and start solving their own problems.

Yes, this means that some countries will suffer and others will prosper.

But this is going to be the situation – and IS the situation – across Europe. Indeed, we all accept that in reality, this is a fact of life!

I think it is important that the objective of the EU is not new. It has been tried before and each time it has failed.

China under Chairman Mao suffered. Promises of equality were popular, but until capitalism spread into China, millions died of starvation and millions were beaten or killed if they didn’t support the state.

China’s success over recent years has come from allowing individuals to prosper, and although it still isn’t perfect, it is the re-introduction of capitalism into China has improved the living standards of the vast majority of Chinese people.

Why on earth would the EU want to go in a different direction? (Other than the fact that Barroso is a Maoist sympathizer)

As we all know, Russia also flirted with communism for a few decades, and during this period millions of Russian people were equally poor, beaten and killed. Moreover, it also had an expansionary program, spreading communism to other countries, resulting in similarly disastrous effects.

The fact is that these countries could not make money, because their system of political “equality and fairness” simply doesn’t work. And as anyone will tell you, these countries now boast more millionaires today – since capitalism and exploitation has been allowed – than Europe…Moreover, despite the exploitation and crime, the plight of most Russians has greatly improved.

The thing of note is that for Russia to become more affluent, the USSR, had to be disassembled.

This is going to be something which will happen in Europe at some point, and if we do it today, the ultimate cost in human misery will not be so drastic.

I have not hidden the fact that inequality and exploitation are part of capitalism, but I have shown that, in comparison, unchallenged political monoliths produce human misery on an unacceptable level. Just look around Europe today and you are witnessing what 15-years of having the Euro has produced.

Why on earth should anyone believe that continuing on this poor, political path, for another 15-years, is going to cause any improvement?

There is absolutely no indication or tangible proof, that the increased growth of EU is a good idea.

The problem is people are expected not to think for them self – people are expected to simply listen to the tonnes of EU propaganda and take it at face value.

This may suit some people, but now many others are starting to wake up and smell the coffee.

Most businessmen are fed-up with the increased legislation which is damaging their growth, and too many investors and entrepreneurs are not happy about having to pay higher taxes, which they could be using to employ more staff. And, looking at the streets of Greece, Spain and Portugal, many of those protesting are Trade Unionists, pensioners, and various disadvantaged and low-paid workers.

So we can see from this that we have, those on the political right, as well as those on the political left, who are becoming increasingly frustrated with the continuous, “usurping of power” by the EU.

Those in the “political middle”, which is the majority of people: these are the ones who are being financially destroyed from the EU’s increased involvement in their lives.

It is obviously time to stop this madness…Yet our “pro-European” governments do not do it…why?

The answer is in the question: They are Pro-European! And moreover, it is completely understandable that ambitious politicians like the idea of a massive centralized Europe.

For Politicians in Europe, the EU has been a refuge: A place to get an income and further their career, if their voters no longer support them.

You only need look at the Leaders in the EU; The Presidents and Commissioners, and you will see a gathering of failed, irresponsible politicians, who are no longer wanted by their own countrymen.

Most people in Brussels rarely work, attendance at the EU parliament is incredibly low, and between jaunts back-and-forth to their own countries – and jaunts on tax-payer money to exotic locations around the globe, rarely do any of these people need to do much – except vote as they are told.

People need to understand that those in power in the EU are not democratically elected, the power lies with the Presidents and commissioners, and these people are anointed – by each other.

There is no democracy in Brussels, it is all about nepotism and bribery: The two things that every politician thrives on, it has always been the way that politicians climb up the ladder within their own political party.

But this is a bigger problem in Europe than it is at the national level, because in Europe, we cannot vote these people out of power. We cannot vote against the self-appointed leaders of Europe, because we are not given the chance, and because most MEP’s are pro-European, their personal ambition stops them from voting against the people who can further their careers.

It is a gravy-train, the size of which has never been seen before, and every politician is fighting to get his nose in the trough – or kissing the arse of the pig in-front!

Money is no object if you work in Europe. Providing you support the increasing power of the EU you will be helped. Even in these times of hardship and austerity there are two phrases that keep coming from Europe, more centralization of power and more control over the gathering of taxes.

But it doesn’t stop simply there. With Austerity tax revenues are dropping, so the what the EU is doing is printing money, giving to the banks, and then getting the banks to deposit in the ECB, the EU’s private piggy bank.

Tax-payers – of which there are, conveniently, none in Brussels – are told the money is for the economy, it is money to support poor indebted nations, but it isn’t.

Greece has been given 100’s of billion’s of Euro’s, yet the businesses are closing and half the population is unemployed…How is this possible?

The EU takes your money, gives it to Greece, who then immediately pays it back to German and French banks, who then deposit it with the EU. It is an action which takes a few seconds to complete, and does no good to anyone, except for the EU. Because they take your money, let someone else touch it, then put it back into their own pockets, to fund their political agenda.

Recent statistics show that 20% of money spent on EU development is wasted through over paying, or simply unaccounted for. Indeed, the accounts of the EU have never been approved, yet they keep demanding more…How can the EU claim democratic legitimacy, when it is acting more akin to a Dictator in a banana republic?

I could go on forever about how the CAP (Common agricultural policy) has put up food prices, How the CFP (Common Fisheries Policy) has destroyed our fish stocks, and how stupid environmental and work regulations has destroyed businesses and Jobs…But I need to stop somewhere.

It doesn’t matter how Lipstick you put on this pig of an organization; it is still a pig.

Countries who fought against Dictators, like countries who once were under the influence of the USSR, believe that this organization is better than they had…they believe it represent freedom…but it doesn’t, it represents the exact opposite.

The more liberal-leaning supporters of the EU, believe in blindly taxing “the rich and successful” to support the poor, so they support the EU propaganda – Not realizing that without the rich and successful we would all be eating potato and cabbage soup.

We have not had a war in Europe for over 60-years – not because of the EU – but, because the people of Europe were too busy rebuilding the continent and making it prosperous.

But as we look around Europe today, in Greece, Spain, Portugal, and even some of the wealthier countries, people are rebelling, animosity is building up, and hatred is being portrayed. This is dangerous, but far from unexpected.

As a Brit, with a Latin and Scandinavian family, I am worried about how things are progressing, and extremely concerned that there is a reluctance across Europe to establish more anti-EU political parties.

I support UKIP, because they represent the best interests of my own country, and I am pleased that once again, it is the UK who is leading the fight for freedom and independence, in the political arena.

Whether you like the people or not, or believe they can run your country the best, it is imperative that people start to support, any and all politicians, and political parties, who oppose the EU.

The fight is not about vested interests or about class or money, the fight is about protecting democracy and sovereignty for our children.

The fight is not, and should not be about, one group of people and another, or one country against another – this is not what is needed.

I just want people to realize that although past national governments “Screwed-up”, they did it based on lies told to them by the EU…False promises from false people.

The EU, for all its claims, is not the solution to your problems, nor can it ever be.

I understand people are frightened to leave, because of all the upheaval that the change will cause, but it is worth it…and moreover, like with all will not be as bad as you are informed.

The EU has no interest in you, or your children, and as the noise gets bigger, and the people get hungrier, remember you have a choice coming, perhaps the last one: In every election over the coming years, you must vote for those opposes to the EU.



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