Disgraceful treatment of Children by Labour run Social Services

Rotherham social services have removed 3-children from their foster parents, based purely on the fact that these generous and socially-minded individuals, have changed their political allegiance from the Labour Party to UKIP!
The council has accused UKIP of being a racialist party, and deemed its members as “unfit” to take care of children!
Currently, according to numerous opinion polls, UKIP is the 3rd political party in UK politics, and whilst its main manifesto issue is to leave the EU, it has multi-cultural support and political candidates, and has always created its policies based on what is best for the British: regardless of colour or religion.
As a long-standing supporter of UKIP and its policies on UK sovereignty and other issues, I find it extremely offensive that I, along with 10% of the country who supports UKIP, have been branded as “racists” by a UK authority.
Beyond this damning false and unfounded allegation, we must not lose sight of the terrible emotional upheaval that this councils decision has created for the 3-unfortunate children. And whatever the political views of this council are – I cannot accept anyone in a civilsed society using or abusing disadvantaged children for political gain.
This decision says vastly more about the “fitness” of the council and its politics, than it says about the foster-parents and theirs.


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