Dooms Day

There are so many things happening in the daily lives of most people, that they are desensitized to the massive and unfathomable problems that are plaguing the planet.

Some may say that I am obsessed – which I suppose I am to a point. But my main obsession is in trying to keep people informed of what is going on in the economic and political world.

The topic by its very nature, means that all opinion is debatable, be it mine or that of the reader. And although I present my views in a relatively aggressive manner, I freely admit that it is easier to for people to commentate, than it is to sit around a massive table and thrash out a meaningful solution – acceptable by all – to the current crisis.

My anti-EU stance is based on two main pillars of reality.

  1. Short term occupiers of political office have no right to surrender national sovereignty, without holding a national referendum, in which over 80% of the population must vote, and the result must be that over 70% of voters are in favour of relinquishing state control to foreign institutions. This guarantees that over 50% of the people are in favour.
  2. I do not believe that a large institutions can administer laws for 350 million people in 27 different countries, which will be equally beneficial to all involved. National government policies will always be of some bias, but when pan European policies prove biased against one or more nations we can see xenophobia take hold, which is ugly and potentially deadly.

Everyone outside of the EU, knows that its fiscal policies and restrictive business rules and regulations, have destroyed growth in Europe



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