A Response to disrespectful “Leftard’s”!

Baroness Margaret Thatcher. A personal view of a “GREAT” Britain!

The death of Britain’s greatest “peace-time” Prime Minister has been marked all around the world. Leaders from both the left and the right of the political spectrum have shown “massive respect and admiration” for the Baroness.

However, in the UK we have seen ignorant, young socialists, celebrating Thatcher’s maggie1death, which for me, is totally beyond comprehension. Was she not human? Is she not a mother and Grandmother?

The ignorance of young British “Leftards”, (and indeed, of those who are old enough to know better) was clearly exposed yesterday, and as usual, it came from those so-called “respectful, equality-loving, and tax-sucking”, socialists.

Anyone who can remember the UK in the 1970s – and the majority of these idiots cannot – would find it hard not to have some respect and admiration for what Thatcher achieved for her nation.

When Thatcher came to power, Trade Unions had taken over the UK, the country was on its knees, and the Labour Party had been forced to go to the IMF to borrow money, just to keep the country going.

There were power and water shortages; rubbish was not being collected; and many people were forced to work a 3-day week: Britain was, in the 70s, called “the sick-man of Europe!”

Britain was in a similar financial situation to what Portugal is suffering today!

The successive, male-dominated, and weak governments of: Wilson, Heath, and Callaghan, could do nothing to control the Unions, and because of this, the outlook for the country was extremely bleak.

Then, out of the blue, along came this woman: a Methodist grocer’s daughter from Grantham. Who took on her own party, and the nation, and turned the country around.

She broke the power of the Unions, she paid off the nations debts and she created a country where business flourished and people – through hard work – could become wealthy, irrespective of background.

Obviously, to achieve this, she upset a lot of people. Unionists didn’t like her, her own party didn’t like her breaking the “old-boy” network, and the belt-tightening she inflicted on many, obviously didn’t help her to become too popular. But, nonetheless, she doggedly stuck to her goals, and eventually the country became all the better for it.

Beyond the country’s borders, she defended the UK and its sovereignty. She was never friends with Chancellor Kohl or President Mitterrand, (who wanted the UK to become part of the Euro-zone), but she did believe in Europe – or at least the idea of a European Common Market – as long as it didn’t challenge the authority of elected sovereign governments.

thatcher1She survived assassination attempts by the IRA, she defended the Falkland Islands from Argentinian Invaders, and through her diplomatic prowess, brought America and Russia together: allowing for an end to the Cold-War, and a re-unification of Germany.

Not all of her actions were popular, and the introduction of a “poll-tax” is considered to have been a grave error, but this mistake only proves the woman was human.

As she stated herself, when she finally left office after 11 years, “I leave No.10 knowing the country is in a far better place than it was when I arrived”. And this was so obviously true.

The media claim Thatcher had been an extremely “divisive” Prime Minister. What they mean is she was right and those against her – who were predominantly wrong – she simply ignored, and because of this, they didn’t like her.

At the end of her days, Thatcher suffered dementia after losing her husband Denis. But she was always respected by her peers, Every one of her successors have inviting her back to No.10 and all have openly testified that “for the benefit of the country” Thatcher had always been “very supportive” of them whilst in office.

British people either like or hate Margaret Thatcher, but around the world she is broadly respected.

Amazingly a small minority of ignorant socialists in the UK, including the evil socialist media: such as the BBC, The Mirror, and the Guardian, are celebrating her death and attempting to throw shit at her phenomenal achievements.

It goes without saying, that none of Thatcher’s critic’s have done anything for their country. So like the proverbial “empty drum”, all they are doing is just making a loud and annoying, noise.

When watching or reading the media, people would be well advised to realise that we live in a society where we celebrate “celebrity” and scorn achievement, and that, journalists and entertainers get paid – or receive other benefits – for giving opinion to the public. Indeed these people will say any outlandish rubbish to get paid, because unlike Thatcher, they produce absolutely no wealth, except for themselves.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and the other socialist media are giving a platform for these “know-nothing” celebrities to spout ignorant rubbish about the Thatcher years, and the young members of the general public are being misinformed.bbcsocialists

Too much rubbish has been said about Margaret Thatcher over the past 2-days. Especially when the BBC ignorantly claim its reports, will: explain the truth about “what Thatcher did for the country”, or “what Thatcher’s legacy “really” is”.

Sadly, their reports are far from true and full of propaganda and biased socialist shit.

The real truth about Thatcher is:

Thatcher put people back to work, Thatcher paid off the UK’s debts, Thatcher gave the UK some respect on the global stage, Thatcher helped destroy communism. Thatcher permitted millions of Brit’s to own their own homes, establish their own businesses and – through removing government interference and responsibility – allowed people the freedom to pursue their own dreams.

Thatcher was a libertarian. But when she came to power, she had to make harsh decisions, because the country was in debt, and she knew: without the country paying off its debts, the UK could never be free.

Of course, lazy socialist Brit’s didn’t like Austerity and having to pay the costs. However, you just need to look around Europe today, and you can see that Thatcher was right!

Moreover, it is evidently obvious, that the further people move away from “Thatcher-ism”, the worse every one’s life becomes.

I remember the UK before Thatcherism, it wasn’t good…and it is not too good today, either.

So how come so many people are complaining about what she did.

They are either ill-informed or ignorant, or they just refuse to understand that; without Thatcher, life has slowly become worse.

reaganWe know Americans and Russians are happy the Cold-War is over. Also that and all East European countries – prosperous or not – are happy to be “free” in their own country. This happiness is largely due to Margaret Thatcher’s massive role in helping to destroy communism.

Today her economic influence can be seen all around the world, where free “sovereign” countries are prospering through following the lessons of “Thatcherism”. (And those who aren’t are not!)

It was Thatcher that made “personal freedom and the assumption of responsibility” valuable. And it is probably because of this, that “ignorant socialists” hate her so much…

Of course, as a “Thatcherite”, her passing is a sad loss for me.thatchers family

But Thatcher was also a mother and a Grand-mother.

I believe her family deserve a far better tribute than that being offered by the “Champagne swilling” media.

As for the disgraceful reaction coming from ignorant socialist “plebs and chav’s”. That says much more about them, than it says about the “Blessed” Margaret!

RIP Maggie.


5 thoughts on “A Response to disrespectful “Leftard’s”!

  1. Maggie turned this country and put it on a sound economic footing. What have three terms of Blair/Brown Labour policies done for this country. We are once again economically destitute and all the ignorant leftist socialists can only complain that they are not going to continue to receive handouts from the hard working tax payers of this nation. Get off your lazy asses you sponging parasites.

    1. The bankers bankrupted the economy, this only happened five years ago, I’m surprised you’ve forgotten. The Blair and Brown Governments actually spent less money than the Major Government (prior to the 2007/8 financial crisis), I guess facts aren’t your strong point. As for the “lazy…sponging parasites”, only 3% of benefit claimants are unemployed; so, I can only imagine you’re referring to the bankers who award themselves six figure bonuses with taxpayers money?

      1. As an investment banker of over 40-years, I bow to your expertise, experience, and dubious knowledge of economic matters. Yes, you can talk the talk, but I walked the walk! And by the way, I am sending this from the beach!

  2. god bless you ,and only wish I could shake the hand that wrote this article. you are a hundred percent right!! she was a great mother to her family and country. I voted for her because she so reminded of my mother and her teachings,scrimping and savings and pride in what you do ,and having ambition to “better” oneself ,either financially or accademically:)AND not leaving debts for others to pay!!

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