UKIP leaders – wrongly – fail to support “non-Politically Correct” Bloom!

Following a comment from UKIPs Godfrey Bloom, in which he complained about aid money going “Bongo-Bongo” land, the Guardian and the rest of the “Politically Correct” Brigade have launched a widely publicised personal assault on him for using the term “Bongo-Bongo!”.

Personally, because I was born in a time before “Political Correctness” I have never considered this term extremely derogatory, as it doesn’t apply to anyone, although I can understand some “very insecure” people might do.

Popular media have used the term “Bongo-Bongo land” for decades:

It conjures up a picture of a land where the people dress not dissimilar from traditional Zulu’s, and dance to the beat of African drums… Beyond that, it also implies a country which is ruled by an all-powerful tribal chief …not much different from a central American “Banana Republic” where they are ruled by greedy dictators.

Bongo-Bongo may be a bit “colonial” for some taste’s, but at the end of the day, this is a descriptive term illustrating an old-fashioned idea of Africa: An idea which has been universally spread by various comics, books and TV shows, such as Tarzan, and even Tom and Jerry, as well as many other popular Hollywood films, (King-Kong, Zulu, etc etc..)

Back in 1948, Danny Kaye and the Andrew sisters, made a song about Bongo Bongo, and one of the most popular and funny cinema adverts in the 1970s, (albeit for “non-politically correct” cigarettes), was based in Mbongoland

Um Bongo, was also the name of a very popular soft drink in the 1990s… and to my knowledge no African person has ever complained!

Before “political correctness” i.e. before those idiots who ran “New Labour” got into power, various terms were widely used. and although I admit curtailing the use of some “unreasonable and offensive” terms, is fair enough. However, Political correctness is now severely affecting our basic right to use Free speech.

Poiltical correctness is a disease which is eradicating our right to speak “normally”, and for those of us who are a little older, it is hard not to use words which were generally acceptable in our youth.

The term “Bongo-Bongo land” is not a personal attack on anyone or any country, and it is almost comical that Labour politicians, and the socialist media, would pick-up on the use of this term, and succeed in making it a massive political issue.

Godfrey Bloom is no fan of “politically correctness”, he is an old-fashioned Yorkshire man, who uses basic terms to tell it as he sees it, and in all fairness, what he said in his speech, concerning foreign aid, is not far from the truth:

We cannot, as an “almost bankrupt” country, or indeed continent, continue to give massive amounts of “unaccounted for” aide, to commodity-rich countries, when we ALL know certain leaders of these countries are abusing the home-grown wealth … or abusing the money we send as aid, by increasing the size of their oppressive military.

(An amazing example of this misuse of funds was made evident by the President of Gabon, a certain President “Ali Bongo”, who in 2010 bought a 100-million euro house in Paris, (whilst his country men were living on less than 12 euro a day!))

I noted that, whilst there is much media criticism of Godfrey Bloom’s attack on a “non-existent” country, no one complained or wishes to debate his attacks on “real” countries, such as Pakistan and Argentina.

It would appear that arguing against the “economic reality” and the “facts” he stated in his hour long speech, was not possible – So, once again, Anti-UKIP people are attacking the man, not the issue.

However, what upset me the most was the way that the socialist media; the Guardian and SKY TV, for the first time, were able to set the agenda for UKIP, and sucked our leadership into criticising “Godders”, when they should have been supporting him and making a better “fist” of returning Foreign Aid to the centre of the argument.

Nigel Farage is “allegedly”, a bit embarrassed about this comment, and has asked Bloom not to repeat the term. But I am sure this is not because of any serious objection to what was said, but probably because he, Farage, criticised an Italian’s politicians use of the term, and now finds its use, by a senior party official, a little awkward.

The media look for any excuse to play the “racist” card, in their effort to stop UKIP’s rise in popularity, And sadly, for some “unfathomable” reason, Nigel and Party Chairman, Steve Crowther decided to make a knee-jerk decision on this minor issue.

In my opinion, they should have attacked the press and made a better effort to backed “Godders” (Seeing Crowther “bowing down” to Sky TVs, Kate Burley, was a low point of my year!)

It is a well known fact that, UKIP wants “multi-cultural” Britain to leave what is evidently; a mainly, “white-run” EU.

Moreover, UKIP strongly believe “Britain would be better-off leaving the EU and strengthening our trading links with our Commonwealth partners, for “mutual gain””.

How on earth can this be considered a racist policy or Party?

There are simply no reasonable grounds to continually accuse UKIP of being a “nationalist” or “racist” party. It is a party that is simply anti-EU and very patriotic. More to the point, UKIP can proudly boast of having numerous members and candidates who can from all ethnic and religious backgrounds!

This is what Crowther “should have stuck” down Kate Burley’s throat!

The socialists won a small victory today, because in reality, the media claims did not deserve an answer, yet alone an apology.

Are people really concerned about Godfrey Blooms political correctness? or are they rightly concerned about what happens to the €1-billion a month that goes out in foreign aid, and is “never accounted for?”

In my view, people are becoming increasingly annoyed with this constant focus on being “politically correct”. Moreover, I do believe that Godfrey Bloom’s comments might have attracted more people to the party: There are a lot of intelligent people yet to join, who are concerned about the “real” issues, and are becoming increasingly frustrated by all this worthless, socialist, PC bullshit!

Nigel Farage recently repeated that “UKIP is not a party which favours Political correctness”…so let’s keep it that way!

We hold the economic, political and moral high-ground over the LibLabCon’s. Not just because we always proven correct on the tough issues. But also because we dare to speak the truth to the people in a way they understand and appreciate

We stumbled today, but I am sure it wont happen again..,


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