Oh what a week it’s been!

Whilst the CBI have come out with a recommendation that the UK stays in the EU, its ex-Chairman, the respected Lord Digby-Jones, has called Cameron’s idea of renegotiation “insane”, and has stated clearly that the UK will continue to lose jobs if the UK does not get out of the EU!

A senior UKIP representative has informed people, once again, that if the UK doesn’t stop immigrants coming into the country, it is the working man who will suffer. Normally, the socialist media would come out blazing, with accusations of racism and xenophobia being splattered all over the main stream media, however, the senior member in question was— who is an immigrant himself!

At the EU level, we have numerous issues to report on.

The EU budget has been looked at again, and once again it was not given a clean bill of health. The auditors signed, but not without pointing out that upward of 800 million Euros’ could not be accounted for, and had been lost in fraudulent activities.

This is the 19th year in which the EUs accounting procedures have come into question and it is clear we may never get to find out how much of our money has fraudulently “disappeared”.

UKIP’s attacks on the EU’s “open-border” policy continue relentlessly, with the poor people of Romania being heavily put in the spotlight.

Both the Romanian government and the leader of the Roma people have “demanded” access to all UK benefits and welfare, and claimed “if they do not receive it they will be forced to live on the streets of London and make money illegally!” Politicians are trying to play this problem down, but with the backing of the ECHR, the Roma will win every time.

The argument is really a lost cause, as the Romanian’s and Bulgarian’s will be able to enter the UK, (and other West European countries) from the 1st January 2014.
We are now seeing the other 3-parties coming out and saying “the UK must manage its immigration more responsibly – but we all know this is not possible, whilst the UK remains a member of the EU.

This problem has been further highlighted by predictions published this week, which states the UK population is set to increase by 10-million over the next 25-years: due in the main part to immigration.

So far many have missed today’s ruling by the ECHR which states that “African homosexuals” are persecuted in their own countries, and therefore the EU member states must offer them asylum!

Without attacking African migrants or homosexuals, this judgement is clearly flawed, and will cause massive problems for our border guards.

The EU’S decision makes it lawful for any Homosexuals from Africa and MENA to demand Asylum and European residency. However, there is absolutely no test on earth to prove whether a person is homosexual or not!
This is a massive, massive, mistake by the EU, and potentially opens the doors for 100s of millions of people to enter the country…all they need do is “hold hands” when they cross the border – something which is culturally normal and acceptable for heterosexuals to do in these countries.

But these are not the only problems the ECHR has caused. Earlier in the week, the British government was informed it must allow prisoners: including Murders, rapists and paedophiles the right to vote in elections. Something we have our own laws against!

British Prime Minister, David Cameron stated clearly, in Parliament 2-months ago, this will not happen. But the ECHR has threatened to fine the UK if it does not change the law.

How this resolves itself is yet to be seen, but it is very clear: if the UK doesn’t give its prisoners a vote, they can take the government to European court, and will undoubtedly win and be awarded large damages.

Of all the institutions in Europe, the ECHR is the one which causes the UK the most problems, and everyone, even the Europhiles in Parliament have had enough of this organisation passing judgements against the UK. Indeed, no one would be unhappy if we left the ECHR, but it is written in European laws that without signing up to the ECHR, a country cannot be a member of the EU.

Taking these constant problems into consideration, we have seen other statistics this week, which shows that the UK is one of the most important members of the EU, and clearly suggests that the EU’s arrogant treatment of our country, because we refuse to join the Euro and follow their edicts blindly, will need to be addressed by them.

The UK is the second largest donor to the EU, after Germany, and despite having a smaller population than France. The UK also adheres to European laws and commitments better than any other country.

The UK, albeit through the back-door, also helps finance a large chunk of the problems within the Euro-zone, of which it is not a member, and therefore is not obligated to provide.
Taking this into consideration, the attitude towards the UK from the EU Commission and from with the EU Parliament is very poor.

EU growth has greatly “watered-down” the influence of the UK in Europe, and as votes have been adjusted in the Parliament, we are in a situation where, although the smallest 16-countries in the EU have a combined population which is smaller than the total population of the UK, the combined vote of these countries is actually twice that of the UK…so much for one man, one vote!

Obviously, as a UKIP member and strong opponent of all things to do with the EU, I am happy to have events happen which allow me to criticize this organization, but sadly, many in power and influence in the UK, still support the EU, because of the “bribery” the EU offers to gain their support.
We know most politicians side with the EU, because they hope to get well paid, tax-free jobs if they lose their positions. And it is no secret the British media gets heavily supported by EU funding.

This week we learned of millions of Euros being paid into a BBC Charity by the EU. In all honesty, the socialist BBC doesn’t need much encouragement to support the socialist EU, but the fact the BBC pathetically lied and denied any link between the corporation and its charity, just endorses our knowledge that the EU, now runs editor policy at the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Sadly, the EU is also running the monetary policy of the European Central bank (ECB), who this week, prematurely, decided to lower interest rates from 0.5% to 0.25%.
I say prematurely, because the figures which may justify this decision will not be available until next month’s meeting, and considering there is only 0.25% left, or the potential for only one more cut, you would have thought the ECB would have been a little more prudent. But Draghi needed to step up his rhetoric, or the EU’s rhetoric. For the need of more fiscal consolidation, which is EU code for to create a fiscal union. (F.U.)

The opinion in the “Ivory Halls of Brussels” is that, Europe is significantly “poor enough” to encourage most countries to vote in favour of a Fiscal Union, and they believe once this vote is won, the EU dream will be achieved: it will become a supra-state, and all of its members will be demoted from “countries” to being little more than “provinces”.
Fiscal Union means Taxes will be set by the EU, and each “province” will collect taxes on behalf of the EU, who will then spend it where they deem “fit!” – Probably supporting German industry and French Farmers!

Once again, as it still has its own currency, the UK could stay out of this Union, but it will not be easy.

The biggest problem is going to be the Lisbon Treaty.
As with most EU legislation, few have actually read it, including those who placed their signatures on it!
The Lisbon Treaty comes into full force in March 2017 (which is the reason David Cameron has offered a referendum AFTER this date). However, it commences its restructuring activities in November 2014. Therefore, by the time a referendum is offered, most Euro-zone countries will have already surrendered their sovereignty under the Lisbon Treaty.

The UK will also have to start conceding more of its sovereign powers to the EU from next year. So where we stand and what we can do, by the time 2017 comes is still very much open to the strength of the opposition in the UK: The opposition are not the Labour, Conservative or Liberal Democrat Parties, the opposition are the electorate – those people who, along with their decedents,  have the most to lose!

“British” people –and many other across Europe – are being deterred from seeing the broad picture, because of the heavy focus on the extremely emotive issue of immigration.
It is hard to understand, especially for those who come from an ethnic minority background – that controlled immigration is not a racist or xenophobic issue, and many people who are concerned about immigration are finding it hard to underline the real problem, which is one of economic management: How can a country cope with have a massive overnight increase in its population; i.e. providing housing, schools, medical care to all these “new” people, without it affecting the current population.

I am going to make my views very clear on this.
I find it totally obscene and incredibly unfair, that migrants can walk into a country and claim “benefits” which are intended for British people and have been paid for by British people!
Moreover, it is totally wrong for a “foreign organization” to insist we have to provide these services, or face fines!

Nigel Farage is famous for saying “Just who do these people think they are!” and in concern to who the British allow to use their benefit system; this question is not without merit.

British people have long enjoyed having a “safety-net” which could be made available to those who needed it. And whilst this system is constantly being abused by too many British and foreign people, it is not something any foreign body has a right to legislate for.
We do not have a “Free for anyone to abuse” Health Service, we have a National Health Service: A service we, the people of our nation, support through “our” National Insurance and taxes. Similarly, our unemployment payments are also paid for by us, and intended for us and us alone!

Whilst people can, through coming to the UK and working, obtain access to our system of “safety-nets”. It is completely unfair that people can get on a boat or plane, and immediately demand access to these costly services without having made any contribution whatsoever.

Lets be clear, the EU does not pay for, or control, the provision of welfare across Europe. (Indeed, even our own representatives in the EU do not pay towards maintaining our benefits system).

The fact is, we “penalize” our own people if they are found to be “abusing” our system, because it is considered extremely “wrong and immoral”  to be taking money “unfairly”, from those people who pay into the system!

People must understand, we – through our national insurance – pay for this service. It is our insurance. AND LIKE ANY INSURANCE: YOU HAVE TO PAY THE PREMIUMS, BEFORE YOU CAN MAKE A CLAIM!

The EU is failing our country through its constant interference, it is blatantly penalizing our country for being successful, and it is legislating for millions of Europeans to come to the UK, and making it legal for them to “steal” the wealth we have sacrificed to build and maintain!

I do not want to stop providing these services to people who need them, but we need to realize that “these services cost money and they have to be paid for!”
Moreover, the money which goes into these systems is always going to be limited, so to ensure the service can be maintained, we have no choice but to limit the number of people who have access to it.

Think of it this way: If our National Health Service and our nation’s welfare and benefits system is to be open to everyone, why don’t we just pay for hospitals and benefits to support China and India! Obviously, the answer is we couldn’t afford it!
But is it right not to? Just because of geographic reasons. Why should we allow it for a Romanian or a Croatian, and not an Australian or a Brazilian?

We must prohibit the use of a national services to anyone who is not a national…A British National! and despite what those in the EU think, or want, there is no such thing as an “EU national”!

UKIP and Lord Digby-Jones are 100% correct: the UK cannot afford to stay in the EU, because we cannot afford it!

Whilst socialists in our country continue to “bleat on” about have a European Union for everyone’s benefit, they have yet to come up with a system of how we are going to pay for it – or who is going to pay for it! Their belief in “collectivism” and sharing, may be morally attractive to many, but it is an economic impossibility to create and maintain.

Surrendering further, to the pandering of the EU, is only going to result in the “UK giving away more of our limited wealth”. It will lead to the complete collapse of our NHS and welfare systems, and at the same time, it will cause massive housing shortages and unemployment to rocket.
Indeed, if we stay in the EU, we will go bankrupt, and then it will be impossible to support our own people. (yet alone send any money overseas to people who may really need it!)

The EU has already failed many poorer countries in Europe, and with a further expansion of powers, it will mean those countries “who are still afloat” will be sunk.

By now it must be completely obvious to everyone, that this “political” EU project, is an economic failure.
Not only is the financial cost too high for both northern and southern European countries, the “red-tape” cost to our industries killing our competitiveness and hence jobs, and the constant legislation interfering with our democratic rights are diluting our personal freedoms and liberties, to a degree which has not been seen outside of a communist state.


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