Sister Christine takes down an offensive Muslim Flag in Tower Hamlets.

As a Cockney boy from Poplar and the Isle of Dogs, I am a member of various East London, Face-book groups – Groups mainly populated by traditional cockneys, and also very few new East Londoners. i.e. very few Muslims.

This is not by design, as these groups are open. But it happens because us old cockneys have a joint history; we can share the memories we have of East London, and we can recall events and people who were part of our history.

It should be obvious to anyone, that the new East Londoners, just do not have the same references in their life. They simply have no understanding of the memories we share, or much of our culture. Nor, in all honesty should they be expected to.

However, it is worth mentioning that, for hundreds of years, East London has been an immigrant melting pot: Germans, Polish, Jews, Irish, West Indians, Sikhs, Hindu’s, have all established themselves in East London. But in my knowledge, none of these people or cultures have had such a cultural and political impact, as the present Muslim community.

Tower Hamlets, once famous for its Jewish Market, Cockney Villains and Pie’n’mash, is now infamous for its corrupt Town Hall, rigged-democracy, and no-go Sharia areas. This may be unfair, but it is the general topic of conversation when Tower Hamlets is mentioned.

Now I am not saying the Muslim community is bad, there is good and bad in any culture, and of any colour. But I am saying that whilst many of the past immigrants, assimilated themselves into their new neighbourhoods, and made themselves open to their new neighbours, (to a greater or lesser extent), there is a vocal and large number within the Muslim society, which is intent on completely changing the make-up and culture of East London… and they do it without any respect for the views of the majority of non-Muslims who also live within the borough.

So-called Multiculturalism is now irreversible in East London, and some people welcome it. But not everyone is so happy about this “socialist experiment”, especially those who are traditionalists and extremely nostalgic about the old days. ie Many members of these face book groups.

Indeed, for many, what is called “multicultural Tower Hamlets”, is not multicultural at all. For many it is their view that the Muslim culture is taking over their part of London:, a part which has always BEEN multicultural.

This change in the make-up and indeed political control of Tower Hamlets, is causing serious debate between “Cockneys”, with the older generation speaking out against the changes, and the politically-correct “progressives” accusing everyone who criticizes Muslim political activities as “racists”. (albeit that Islam is not a race, it is an ideology).

The recent actions by Sister Christine, and the subsequent facebook debate/discussion is a prime example of the division we are seeing within the cockney, community.

The good Sister, removed a flag in Poplar High Street, because SHE KNEW it would offend certain people, within the community. (There can be no question of this, or she we have left it flying!)

Moreover – and it goes without debate – this flag was raised by Muslims, and the people who this flag would offend (remember it was Sister Christine who thought the flag was offensive) was the non-Muslims in East London.

Despite what anyone wants to suggest, the “offensive” flag was flown by members of the Muslim community. That is the act which those who are offended, are complaining about…its quite simple!

Now, having been offended, there was some, as we say, “tit-for-tat” exchanges and comments, with old fashioned Cockneys asking, “who the hell do these Muslims think they are?” Indeed, as a nostalgic cockney, that was my own view! – “You are not going to have “a pop” at my people and get away with it”.

Like it or not, Cockneys are not known for backing down when insulted, its just how we are!

However, as expected, the “progressives” in the group, including the person who posted the article, started to tell people to “shut up”, and call those who complained about being offended, and made retaliatory comments, “racists!”. The “progressives” in true socialist fashion, even stated the unnecessary obvious: “you don’t speak for all of us!”, which lets be honest, must equally apply to the views of the progressives themselves.

Worse than that, the poster of the article claimed “it had nothing to do with race or religion”.

Race maybe not, but the article was titled “ (Christian) Nun takes down (Muslim) Jihadists Flag!” You can take away my brackets, but if you do not think “Nun takes down Jihadist Flag” is not about religion, then you are on a different planet.

Sister Christine is undoubtedly a beautiful person, whose strong “Christian” belief, gives her a generous helping of understanding and respect for all people – and their various views.

She as a Christian Sister is amply qualified to lecture us lessor mortals on freedom of thought and freedom of religion. But I do believe, out of respect for her, us lesser mortals should not be telling those we disagree with, to “shut up!”

Sister Christine does good in our East London community, and she reaches out to everyone peacefully and without any attempt to offend.

But THAT flag was flown to offend people.

Indeed, seeing this flag flying in East London, at the exact same time as a group of Muslims flying the exact same flag, were committing genocide against a whole community of Christians, Kurds, as well as murdering other Muslims, could be nothing other than cause grave offense…

Other progressives suggested that the flying of this flag, which Sister Christine knew would cause offense, was the same as flying the “Union Jack” or the “Cross of St George”, because the BNP have used it.

Well, I am against racists and abhor the BNP. And I will accept in our distant history certain attrocities were carried out under the Union Jack, by ignorant or uneducated people… But the BNP, to my knowledge, have never flown our nations flag whilst beheading people, or selling women in Slave-markets. So please do not make comparisons where there are none!

In a similar vein, we as Christians do not go about the world killing people in the name of our God, and then threaten to kill more people, just for criticizing the translated words of their God or their prophet.

Let me reel this in by stating openly, and with a great amount of knowledge, the vast majority of Muslims, like in every race and culture, are good, honest, hard-working people.

This is also the same for the vast majority of “Cockneys”. Indeed, as a proud cockney, I will happily state that we have more of these attributes than most!

But there are two major differences becoming apparent between our cultures:

Firstly, Cockneys normally support and encourage the Freedom of Speech by all individuals, and try to learn from different opinions.

Whereas, Muslims believe the only opinion which counts is that written in the Koran, as translated by Imams. No matter whether the Imam is good, or a hate-preacher, no other view but the imam’s is important.

The other is pretty obvious from the recent exchanges on Face-book…

Muslims will stick together at all costs. (it wasn’t a Muslim who took down the offensive flag). Whereas, progressive “Cockneys” are quite prepared to criticize “their own people”, and happy to divide their own community and culture. If it is deemed “Politically-Correct” they will support another group – no matter how offensive the actions of that “other” group may be.

It is these differences which explains why  “Cockneys” no longer run multicultural, Tower Hamlets. And why one exclusive culture, which represent less than 40% of the borough – have complete control over how it is run!


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