The Islamist problem.

Whilst many Muslim’s are suffering from suspicion and hatred, they cannot expect sympathy from the non-muslim masses, whilst Islamist continue to corrupt young muslim minds.

As none devout christians, most of us know very little about our own religion, yet alone the intricacies and branches of Islam…and quite frankly, why should we?

Millions of people born “christian” are completely fed-up with religion, and have chosen to denounce their religious affiliations in favour of a more “humanistic” approach to life.

500-years ago, such “heresy” would have resulted in grave consequences, including death or burning at the stake, but with increased levels of religious freedoms, and the separation between God and State, religious penalties are no longer applicable for “civilised” human beings.

Of course, the story of Christ and the spread of Christianity, is very different to the Story of Mohammed and Islam, with the Christian story of peace and benevolence – although through history many of christ’s followers have abused their powers – is greatly different to not only the Koranic teaching, but vastly more peaceful than the teachings of those who came after Mohammed.i.e the Sunnah and the Hadith.

I confess to being no theologican scholar, but you can not expect any non-devout Christian, or Atheist, to listen to those who preach from the Koran, or quote from the Hadith, and agree with the hatred aimed towards non-believers and infidels.

Indeed, the vast majority of muslims, are not devout, and can never be devout, in a way which satisfies the strict extreme beliefs of the Islamist or Wahhabist. This is why so many christians, who mix with none or less devout muslims, insist on repeating the mantra “the religion of peace”.

Islamic teachings do not present themselves as peaceful towards non-muslims, the idea of spreading islam “by fire and the sword”, may well have been pertinent to a middle eastern, war-lord in the 7th century, but it holds little relevance in today’s global society.

Moreover, whilst the marriage of a child to a “War-Lord” , and the consummation of such a marriage MAY have had some relevance in the 7th Century Arab World, when life expectancy was little more than 25-years old, but with today’s life expectancy of 70-years plus, such practices are totally alien to modern, civilised man.

Or these things should hold little relevance today!

Sadly, for both Muslims and non-muslims, the oil-wealth enjoyed since the 1970s by Wahhabist fanatical followers in Saudi Arabia and other Middle-Eastern “Kingdoms”, has been used to keep the majority of Arabs and other Muslims in poverty and ignorance, and use this engineered ignorance to promote the Wahhabist agenda!

Make no mistake, the world renown, historic, trading ability and cunning of Arabs was perfectly exhibited in the way that oil-rich Sheiks, kings and Princes, used western leaders and oil men, to ensure foreign governments supported the Wahhabist agenda. With American might being blatantly used to prop-up these anti-infidel rulers.

Indeed, since the 1970s, there has been a steady swing away from giving isolated Israel 100% support, to now making the isolated Jewish state of Israel the villains in the Middle East.

There can be no question that the west’s dependence on Arab Oil and subsequently, Arab money, especially since the fall of the Shah of Iran, has led to an immoral amount of support for countries whose practice of human rights remain based in the Middle Ages.

Moreover, we have seen American, European and UN force, used against anyone who represents a threat to the Wahhabists of Saudi Arabia. i.e. Saddam Hussein.

Islam was for many decades a unified religion, when western colonialists were the common enemy. But since these countries achieved independence – and wealth –  cross-border and civil war aggression between Sunni and Shia factions have escalated leading to millions of deaths.

Localised, these “tribal-conflicts” had little affect on the western world, but the cunning use of western power by Saudi Arabia, and others, has led to the “Christian” western world being seen as an enemy of Islam. With the oppressed or suppressed people being influenced into becoming fanatics and taking their battles to Europe, in the name of Allah.

Wahhabism is not part of early Islam, indeed, it is a 19th century innovation, basically a religious cult, based on the ideas or Islamic interpretation of Muhammed ibn Abd al-Wahhab, and supported by the house of Saud. It is an ultra-conservative movement, which believes and promotes the domination of all people and countries, and the enforcement of strict islamic or sharia laws.

Like any extremist religious movement, we would expect that it would be controllable by the masses and ultimately defeated. However, it is estimated that Saudi Arabia has spent over 60-billion dollars since the 1970s, promoting the aims of this “sect” throughout the world, and its millions of devotees are at the forefront of many of todays muslim terrorist attacks.

At a social level, it is not difficult to understand that the practice of Wahhabism, within the muslim mindset, and against a background of suppression, poverty, and poor education, can be made attractive, especially when intertwined with religious and intra-religious persecution.

Nor should it be difficult to understand that, it is in the interest of those who believe in Wahhabism to want continued wars and political upheaval across the Middle East, as illiterate and poor people, constantly surrounded by aggression and intimidation, are easily influenced and recruited by religious bigots and extremists!

But we in the west are not so clever either.

We look at Arab wealth, we look at places like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and we see material success, giving it almost celebrity status. We want to have a piece of it or be part of it, and we care little about the social or long term damage our personal advances will have on our own societies or the world as a whole.

We will willingly allow ourselves to be influenced by Muslim extremist propaganda, listening to Taqqiya – Legitimate lying to non-believers for the betterment of Islam – and ignore the suffering and human rights abuse we see with our own eyes.

At a government level, our leaders will send our soldiers to die, defending people whose whole belief is the destruction of the western world and christianity, and our schools will teach our children that we started the aggression against Muslims during the crusades, when the truth is, Christians were being persecuted and enslaved by muslims, long before the crusades began!

Yes history is being rewritten, in order to validate the notion that Islam is a “religion of peace”. The truth is, whilst many human beings who practice Islam are peaceful, the religion has never been a peaceful one. How could it be, it was created by a war-lord!

Like any successful religion, Islam has “acts of charity” woven in it, as well as promises of a better after-life, if you devote your time on earth to its teachings. But unlike christianity, which focuses heavily on preaching and converting, Koranic teaching focuses heavily on the violent implementation of Islam superiority and the destruction of all non-believers.

Arab wealth since the 1970s have greatly accelerated the spread and influence of Islam, outside of the Middle East, and the recent “flooding of Europe” of Muslims from the Middle and near east, as well as Northern Africa, represents a massive, unstoppable threat, which may lead to the annihilation of the Christian world.

Indeed, there is no alternative to Islamic global dominance if we look at the current trajectory.

Firstly, we have progressive socialists, which have been hoodwinked into unknowingly supporting the EU’s goal of instigating the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan, ie interbreeding between races to create a subservient race of humans to be controlled by the elite.

Mrs Merkel’s invitation to untold millions of unknown, unchecked, foreigners, is a massive step to this long term plan. (Indeed, Merkel has been honoured with the Coudenhove-Kasagi Prize. the EU’s highest award)

In the UK, we had Tony Blair opening the borders to anyone and everyone who wanted to live in the UK, and all across west Europe we have seen the same events occurying.

We can call them refugees, asylum seekers, migrants, any term we like. The fact is vast majority of those flooding into our countries are mainly Muslim men of fighting age!

Those of us who wish to question this invasion, are called racist, xenophobe, Islamophobe, and every other nasty name you can think of. But whilst politicians and the Mainstream Media make efforts to fool us into believing what is happening is OK, and represents no problem for our societies and cultures. The evidence clearly shows otherwise. Increases in terrorist attacks, increases in rapes of our women and children, a blatant abuse of our tax-money for their benefit, and whole towns being taken over, where sharia courts are being installed and passing out Koranic judgements and penalties.

Adding to this tradegy is our own people’s reactions.

Whilst many young girls are being raped and gang-raped, we find many of our girls and women fall prey to the “Taqqiya” and willingly having children with these men, and many converting to Islam. We see woman in their hundreds at our borders claiming refugees are welcome, claiming that any effort to stop the invasion is a crime against humanity.

The reality is that most of the people in the west, especially the young, have no idea what is going on in the real world. And whilst they concern themselves with “unearned” freedom, civil rights, and equality issues, our enemies, i.e. those out to destroy us, train their children to kill, attack and abuse. Whilst increasing numbers of European young men are being told to accept their female side, to understand it is OK to be homosexual, to accept that it is OK to self identify as a female, Muslim men are told homosexuals should be thrown off of buildings and woman are second-class citizens.

What chance does the west have of finding men to defend it in the future.

Moreover, when will women realise that their consistent assaults on exhibitions of masculinity by European men, is making “foreign men” more attractive to them.

I understand the feminine view, I understand the equality issue, and I understand the maternal protective view, but that is going to be of no value, when those against us do not share the same outlook.

Our law courts have become a laughing stock, an embarrassment, when it comes to dealing out penalties, and our police-force are doing little better in applying our laws to practicing muslims.on

Gangs of Muslim men preyed on tens of thousands of young, vulnerable, predominantly christian, girls for over 15-years, and this was ignored because it was deemed “not politically-correct”.

Female genital mutilation has been a crime since the 1980’s, and yet, whilst thousands of cases are known about, not one person has been arrested for commiting this crime…because it is “not politically correct”.

In Sweden, and more recently in Germany and Austria, the rape and assault of indiginious women, girls and sometimes young boys by muslim men, has become widespread, and if not hushed-up by the authorities and the media, the criminals are rarely awarded adequate sentences, often getting acquitted or a slap on this wrist.

Contrast this with the growth in Sharia courts in our countries, and contrast these penalties with those handed out by Sharia courts, beheadings, stoning and amputation, and you will see that acceptance of Islamic practices in the western world are incompatible….yet they continue to flourish, and we continue to say nothing!

I have dug deeply into the expansion of Islam in western, christian countries, not because of a dislike or hatred of practicing muslims, an insensitivity towards refugees, or any xenophobic or racist feelings (Islam, like all religions is practiced by people of all colour). And I will admit, the vast majority of Muslims I have met, are just normal peope trying to get on with their lives without any hassle. But we cannot ignore what is really happening as extremist muslims increase their influence over their own religion AND our countries!

It is incumbent on people, to speak out about what is really happening across the western world, to battle extremism in all forms, and to redress the ridiculous lies coming from governments, the mainstream media, and worst of all, our stupid and ignorant educationalists!

For the muslim, the problem many have with criticism such as mine, is the language is painting a whole faith with one broad-brush. And when that criticism covers 1.5 billion people, there is no end of examples put forward to denounce such criticism.

But as a “non-believer”, why am I expected to know the difference between Sunni and Shia, or between Hanbali and Jafari, it should have nothing to do with me, any more than knowing the difference between Catholics and Protestants, or Baptists and methodist, should be important to Muslims..It doesn’t or shouldn’t be a concern. To the Muslim we are all christians…to the radical muslim we are all infidels. So lets not get hung-up on terminology.

The bottomline is, we know not all muslims are terrorists, but we also know, too few good Muslims speak out against radicals, too many children of good muslims become radicals, and too many believe the western world owes them in one way or the other.

Too many Imams, not only in the Middle East, but elsewhere speak too divisively towards non-believers, and too many speak badly about our cultures and our women. This you will not find in a christian church, indeed, I have been very angry to go to a Christmas mass, and over half of it was about being kind and accepting Islam, when the sermon should have concerned the birth of Christ and the celebration of our own religion.

The major worry is not the intention of radical muslims and wahhabists, the biggest threat comes from Christians and atheists in our own communities, who turn a blind-eye to the truth, who wish to ignore the evidence played out daily, in-front of their faces, and accept the freedom of Islamic expression and practices, whilst venomously attacking those who choose to speak out.

We, the concerned, may not be politically correct, but we are also not the enemy of muslims, radical islamist are!

If good muslims, and there are over 1-billion of them on this planet, do not do something about the evil being committed in the name of Allah, they have no choice but to accept that those cultures and religions feeling under threat or being threatened, will remain suspicious and continue to paint most followers of Islam with the same broad brush!

Furthermore, it is very important to understand, whilst not all muslims are terrorists, not all christians are ass-kissing politicians, businessmen, or indeed, socialists!














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