The Bushman

During my 40-years of travelling the globe, advising numerous institutions and people on economic anomalies at both the macro and micro level, I have come across a wide range of opinions on a broad spectrum of subjects, much of which is based on cultural and religious beliefs and peoples financial priorities.

At the end of the day most opinion is based on “what is good for me” and then “what is good for my country”.

Sadly however, too much of any individuals opinion is based on politically “bent” stories, which are fed to the press in effective sound-bites, and then regurgitated endlessly, to steer “your opinion” in the direction “they” want it to go.

Politicians love to use words such as “fairness” and “equality”, as they know to argue against fairness and equality is almost impossible in our social democratic societies: especially for their “so-called” political opponents. But neither of these words have any measurable definition if they are being applied to hard-working, ambitious, human beings.

The enemy of hard working human beings, are socialists: people who believe in Big Government and use “political Correctness” to further their own political aims.

What are the aims of socialist?

Well it is not fairness, because they believe in robbing the rich. And it cant be equality, because they believe those who work less and risk less deserve the same as those who make efforts to get ahead.

They talk of responsibility, but believe in collectivism, which means managers get high paying jobs, but when there is a problem, those who are paid less take the blame, or they force the  tax-payer to pay the bill.

I have pent too many years in the Equatorial Jungles and the Financial Jungles to surrender my freedom to a bunch of bureaucrats and technocrats, just because they are masters of spin.

I have taken too many gambles with my life and money, and the money of others, to believe politicians are going to make the right decisions or will create wealth for anyone.

Saying that most Politicians are snakes is very popular, but as long as we say most, then the facts are correct.

Governments are leeches, who do nothing but suck the fiscal blood out of a country, and make life uncomfortable for those who try to forge ahead.

And for most people, and I this applies to most countries in the World, the aim of their government is not too support people in times of need, it is to make people dependant on political charity, which will always help keep politicians in power!

We live in a society of nepotism and crony capitalism, where it is often friends of politicians which make the most money, not those who work hard do the right thing!

It is those who do the right thing, the small businessmen in society, who always pay the most for government mistakes. And it is the ignorance of the masses, who put all businessmen in the same category as the cronies who work with the government.

We mustn’t be rude about the majority of people being ignorant, but we cannot ignore the similarities in history.

2000-years ago, Roman Emperors maintained power and obedience, by entertaining the masses with Gladiators and games to stop them thinking; today our politicians do the same thing entertaining the masses using soaps and celebrities.

We the people deserve more. or do we?

Many say we deserve the government and leadership we have, and in a certain way that is true. However, we need our government to lead by example, there is absolutely no benefit for anyone, if our governments are as brain-dead as the “lowest common denominator” society we are creating.

This is an attack on certain elements of society and an attack on people who make policies to appease the ignorant masses.

When I say ignorant, I am not calling people stupid, I am just saying that the vast majority of people are ill-informed on matters of politics and economics. They prefer to watch football or watch reality TV shows…and quite frankly, I don’t blame them!

But at the end of the day, some people have to take some responsibility and try to inform the rest of what is happening to our countries, compared to what spin they are being spoon-fed on a daily  basis.

I am just one person trying to hack my way through the Jungle of deceit and open a path to truth and reality…there are many others.



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