Austerity is causing the flight of Capital

Living in Portugal, I have as good an understanding of the affects of “Austerity”, as most Europeans.

What “Austerity” ultimately means for many peripheral European nations is; increased poverty and diminishing support structures for the old, the young, and the disadvantaged.

My normal complaints are focused on the politically-created monster known as the EU. However, as this “monster” is continually getting stronger, the common-man is being left completely powerless to resist its will.

I will continue to issue my condemnation of this monster – for those who are willing to listen – but at the end of the day, I am forced to accept that this newly created, undemocratic, structure of the political leadership over Europe is here to stay.

That being said, the plague of Austerity and poverty will expand and spread across Europe for some time to come, and those who can; mainly established businessmen and young entrepreneurs, will be leaving the continent, looking for better opportunity – mainly in wealthier commodity producing nations, such as Brazil, or certain African countries.

Greedy banks – both in Europe and the destination countries – are increasing their profit margins by increasing their fees and costs of moving money for these emigrants, which not only makes it more expensive to invest in these foreign nations, but it also detrimentally affects the amount of money received, when those who emigrate, send money back to support their families in Europe – Or indeed, when those working in Europe, send money in the other direction.

Ask any businessman working in these foreign lands and they will tell you about the problems they have experienced trying to send money home. Not only is there often a high cost involved, but very often it takes weeks before their families, or business partners, receive the remitted amount – Moreover, very often commercial activity is curtailed, due to a lack of “capital liquidity” which these long delays cause.

In those countries where the ability to transfer capital overseas is severely hampered by local regulations, some people are forced to take advantage of “black-market” services. These services are not only risky, but these methods can often take an equally long time to complete, as well as being very expensive to use.

I have heard lots of “horror stories” about trying to transfer money, both into and out of various countries, and feel that finding a better method for transferring capital around the world must be possible.

I do not agree with the Austerity being visited upon us by our governments, or the expensive charges being placed on us by our greedy bankers. But as it is happening, we need to look at the ingenuity within the private sector, to help find ways of keeping as much of our hard earned money as we can.

For many, it is somewhat difficult to find businesses which can provide the professional service you want, especially if you limit your search to company’s which you know, or to those who only speak your native language. However, at the end of the day, money is international, so whatever the language is, as long as you are saving money, this is all that matters.

Recently, I have been using a European company, which is fully licensed to facilitate this business. It is extremely professional and – because it turns over more than a billion Euros per annum – can complete most transfers within 2-days (in some cases in less than 24-hours!).

I will not name this company in a “blog”, because I know they are extremely busy and like to keep a low profile – also, as a client, who uses them regularly, I do not want to upset them by causing their switchboard to be flooded, due to my blog.

However, if you think this service might be of help to you, simply contact me, and I will happily send you their details.

(Disclaimer: As mentioned, I use their services to transfer money to numerous countries: including, UK, Denmark, USA and Brazil. I have always had a very good experience with them and because of this, I am happy to give them a mention – free of charge).


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