Has Ed Miliband lost the plot? – He is obviously too young to remember the 1970’s!

I think Ed Miliband delivered his speech very well – but that is where the compliments stop!

British people, except for the blind socialist faithful, are not as stupid as the Labour “Spin-Doctors” believe. Whilst his speech may have sounded great when they practiced it in their Labour Party “bubble”, the content and policies are completely insane, unworkable, and beyond  economic reality.

Let’s look at the BIG issue: Freezing energy prices.

This is not only extremely dangerous – as it will have repercussions for the nation’s energy security – it is focused on the wrong people.

Energy companies only control 20% of the price of energy that the consumer pays, the other 80% is made up mostly of taxes. i.e. 12% of your energy bill is a tax to support green energy – those ridiculous windmills which supply less than 1% of your electric.

UKIP has proposed leaving the EU and removing this 12% cost: which is a simple saving for consumers and one which is easy to see and justify. This simple saving would equal 60% of the total amount energy companies’ control.

Ed Miliband must be crazy, if he believes energy companies can afford to cut their income by 60%. Or if he believes they can keep the lights on with such a decline in revenue. Obviously they can’t!

Anyone who lived in the 1970’s and saw what happened during the “Oil Crisis”, knows only too well that the price of energy is not dependent on what happens in the UK. Anyone who doesn’t remember the early 70’s, we did not have electric for a long period of time – and some people died!

You simply cannot promise people something you cannot deliver, and Ed Miliband’s promise is undeliverable!

He went on to promise the building of new towns to help with the housing shortage. “200,000 homes!”

Okay, so we are supposed to forget that it was Labour’s “open-door” policy on immigration which has caused a shortage of houses and the stress on all our social services: including school places and NHS waiting lists. We are asked to ignore the fact that under Labour we built almost zero social housing for 13-years.

But where is he going to build these 200,000 new homes – on Green-belt! And how is the government going to pay for these new towns, as far as I know, we are already heavily in debt!

The fact is Labour have lost the plot, Ed Miliband is not liked, and in their desperation they are making promises which they can’t keep! Luckily, the vast majority of people know this!

Our country’s problems are economic: brought about by 13-years of Labour over-spending and poor policy making. We simply cannot have our country led by Ed Miliband’s Labour Party, and his well-delivered speech clearly indicates why! …On economic matters they don’t have a clue!

I know people will like what he said. Indeed, it would be great if energy prices stopped going up and if everyone could find a nice new house – but we don’t live in a socialist Shangri-la, we live in a socialist created recession!

How many workers will lose their jobs if we freeze energy prices, how much will this increase our benefits bill and reduce tax-income for the treasury (both from loss of workers income tax, and tax on Power companies profits?). Worst still, if the lights do go out, how much income will the country lose when business’s no long function? How many companies will go bankrupt? how many 100s of thousands of jobs will be lost?

I know life isn’t fair, and I can appreciate that when our energy bills go up and we see big profits for private energy companies, people get angry. But we cannot allow our anger prompt us into making absolutely stupid decisions… like voting for this moron!



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